Ways to Engage

There are many ways to stay involved once you complete a HECUA program. Whether you completed a HECUA program this year or 50 years ago, HECUA wants to stay connected with you and we hope that you will continue to engage with us. Below are some ideas for ways to engage with HECUA.

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After nearly 50 years, HECUA continues to encourage new ways of seeing and interacting with the world. We invite our alums to contribute to HECUA in order to make our programs more accessible to more students. To make the possibility of participating in a HECUA program a reality, we invite you to make a contribution. Click here to give now.

Hire and Mentor HECUA Students and Alums

Pass on your HECUA experience, and consider mentoring or supervising a current HECUA student. As a past participant you know what happens when students, faculty and community members come together to address social issues: immediate and lifelong learning, collective action for social justice, shared democracy and discovery of personal vocation. As students complete our programs, they look to others who can relate to their interests and help them take the steps necessary for future success.

Alumni Ambassador Program

Students who have successfully completed any HECUA program, return back to their home campus, are invited to opt-in to our Alumni Ambassador program. In a sea of study abroad choices, we want HECUA programs to stand out. We know that our greatest advocates are the students who themselves participated, and who can share their experiences with enthusiasm and authenticity. Join the Alumni Ambassador program by completing a minimum of three campus activities–listed below–to promote HECUA at your school.

  • Make a 5-minute presentation in three (3) classes encouraging other students to consider a HECUA program
  • Table at an event or fair on campus to promote HECUA (HECUA will provide you with materials)
  • Host an info session about your HECUA experience in your major/minor department
  • Give a 10-minute presentation about HECUA to a student group/club
  • Meet one-on-one with a student who is interested in HECUA
  • Write an article about HECUA for an existing school newspaper, journal, or campus blog

Contact Andi Cheney to find out more about the Alumni Ambassador Program.

Transcript Requests

If you are an alum in need of a copy of your transcript, please contact Student Services Manager Julie Rossate at jrossate@hecua.org.

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