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Thank you for considering a donation to HECUA’s scholarship fund!

Every penny of your gift goes toward HECUA’s scholarship program. Your generosity will enable more students to take up the work of community building and join others in creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

What kind of difference can this scholarship make? Read Ratih’s story below.

“Not only did I have the opportunity to listen to stories of several leaders in my own community, but I also grew with my first professional experiences at an internship where I realized the impact of sustainable food systems on our youth.”

–– Ratih Sutrisno, HECUA alumna: Environmental Sustainability (2013), and New Zealand (2014).

Every semester-long HECUA program combines teaching seminars with fieldwork and a significant internship with a community organization. All enrolled HECUA students are guaranteed an internship placement, and they begin the program by crafting learning and work agreements that address their professional and educational goals. Students contribute to real-world issues and lay the foundation for professional experiences and networks that last a lifetime.

How to Donate

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  • Write a check, designate it for the HECUA Scholarship Fund, and send it to the address at the bottom of this page.

Contact Caitlin Burns, Office Manager, at 651-287-3301 or send her an email if you have further questions about your donation.

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