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Thank you for considering a donation to HECUA. Your generosity will enable more HECUA students to take up the work of community building and join others in creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

Why give to support HECUA?

Here at HECUA, we believe that we are building up the next generation of changemakers. Students come into our programs with vision and drive, and they leave with strategies, tools, and networks. They go on to work side-by-side with the folks who supervised their internships and spoke to their classes. More than 80% of HECUA alumni tell us that their experience in HECUA changed their post-graduation plans.

They say: HECUA completely changed how I view society, justice, and how I show up in the world.” and “It let me know I have the capabilities to go far with my passions.”

HECUA has funded more than 200 individual scholarships since 2001. We need your help to increase the number of scholarships we are able to award and make sure more students have access to our life-changing academic programs! 

Can you give today to support HECUA?

How to Donate

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  • Write a check and send it to HECUA at 2233 University Ave. #210, Saint Paul, Minnesota, 55114.

Contact Andi Cheney, Director of Finance & Operations at email if you have further questions about your donation.

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