Domestic FAQs

Preparing to dive into one of HECUA’s immersive, semester-long programs in the United States is an exciting challenge! We’re delighted you’re considering it. Please read through the list of frequently asked questions below for insight into HECUA’s domestic programs and their structure.

What is HECUA, exactly?

HECUA is a consortium of 24 colleges and universities. We offer short-term and semester-long programs in the US and abroad for U.S. undergraduates. Our mission is to build academic-community partnerships for social change, which means that we want to build bridges between what you learn in the classroom and what you do in the world.

Who are HECUA programs for? Who's the perfect fit?

HECUA programs are for any undergraduate student who wants to add life to their diploma by participating in an experiential, academic program that’s challenging, fun, inspiring, and non-traditional. HECUA strives to empower students by equipping them with knowledge, practical skills, commitment, courage and hope!

All off-campus programs are interdisciplinary and combine theories and readings from economics, education, English, environmental studies, conflict resolution, humanities and cultural studies, history, justice and peace studies, philosophy, political science, scientific research, sociology, and other fields. Students don’t just learn about the world with HECUA, they discover their place in it.

Who are HECUA Faculty and Staff?

HECUA faculty members are conscientious people who don’t just teach social responsibility; they live it through their own scholarship and community involvement. They are known and respected by their peers in their respective fields of expertise, and are also well received in the local/urban communities with which we work.

Visit HECUA’s Staff and Faculty page for bios and CV’s.

Does HECUA offer any scholarships?

Yes! HECUA distributes three distinctive scholarships to students applying or enrolled in HECUA programs. They are:

  • Scholarship for Racial Justice (up to $4,000)
  • Scholarship for Social Justice (up to $1,500)
  • Scholarship for Community Engagement (up to $750 for semester-long programs, and up to $350 $ for short-term programs)

More information, including eligibility and application requirements, can be found on HECUA’s scholarship information page.

Do students get college credit by participating in a HECUA program?

Yes! HECUA programs are approved for academic credit. Almost all students fulfill general education requirements with their HECUA program, and many students receive major/minor credit.  For non-member students interested in learning more about receiving approval for HECUA programs, note that syllabi for all HECUA programs are posted online if you need to negotiate for credit with your academic advisor and/or registrar.  Non-member students receive credit from Hamline University in St. Paul, MN, HECUA’s “school of record”. For more information please contact HECUA’s recruitment staff at 651-287-3300 or

How large are the class sizes?

HECUA classes are relatively small, which is conducive for learning and relationship building among program faculty, staff, and classmates. Our intimate class setting of 10-23 students makes it feasible to get individual attention and assistance from faculty; plus, it’s the perfect size for group discussions and projects.

Each HECUA location/program has a student capacity. These numbers are developed considering field excursions, transportation, group projects, available housing, and internship sites. In recent years, program popularity has increased. Please contact HECUA’s recruitment department to learn if space is still available in your desired program.

So each student has an internship? How does that work?

Most HECUA semester programs have a 20 hour per week internship component that is integral and integrated into the experiential learning model. The internship work complements class readings, discussions, and field experiences and is selected based on student interests, work history, and needs within our community partnerships.

For more information about internships, jump to the internship FAQs.

How do I apply?

You’re eligible to participate in a HECUA program if:

  • You’ve completed at least one  year of college/university in a degree-seeking program
  • Your GPA is at least 2.5, and you meet GPA requirements for off-campus study at your home college/university (HECUA follows home institutions’ policies).
  • You’re enrolled at and meet the requirements for off-campus study set by your home college/university.

Does HECUA have a school of record?

Yes! For HECUA students who attend a consortium member school, grades appear on your transcript as if the courses were completed at your institution.

For non-consortium member school students, Hamline University serves as HECUA’s school of record.

HECUA’s deadlines are listed below. You can fill out the application on our website at any time. Begin today!

Study USA:

  • April 15th (Fall and Summer Programs)
  • December 1st (Spring Programs)

Study Abroad:

  • March 15th (Fall Programs)
  • November  1st (Spring and January Programs)

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