International FAQs

Preparing to study abroad can be challenging and exciting in equal measure. Please read through the list of frequently asked questions below for insight into HECUA’s international programs and their structure.

Will I get major or minor credit for my HECUA program?

Most students do receive major or minor credit for their program. Syllabi for all HECUA programs are posted online if you need to negotiate for credit. In addition, HECUA’s staff is always happy to help with this process. Just email

Do I have to find my own internship?

No. Before students travel to their program site, they complete a detailed survey regarding their interests and internship goals. Once students are on site, program faculty facilitate the placement process and provide internship support throughout the semester.

What’s included in the program fee?

The program fee includes tuition, lodging, meals or a food stipend, ground transportation, reading materials, and emergency medical insurance. It does not include airfare (with the exception of HECUA’s J-term and summer programs), visa costs, or additional travel outside of the program.

Does HECUA offer scholarships?

Yes! HECUA distributes three scholarships to students applying for or enrolled in HECUA programs. They are the Scholarship for Racial Justice, the Scholarship for Social Justice, and the Scholarship for Community Engagement. For more information about these scholarships, including how to apply, see the Scholarships page.

Will I have time to travel outside of the program?

Yes. Each semester-long international program has a week-long break over the course of the semester. This is the perfect time for students to arrange a trip. Students are also free to travel over the weekend, if their program schedule allows.

I identify as a member of the LGBTQI community. Will I be safe and supported abroad?

HECUA staff and faculty are deeply committed to supporting LGBTQI students. Although we can’t control what happens outside of the classroom, we can promise to be advocates for queer, trans, and gender-nonconforming students, as well as providing practical assistance with things like legal paperwork. We will hold space for all LGBTQI students to unpack and process their experiences abroad.

I’m a student of color. Will I be safe and supported abroad?

HECUA strives to be an actively anti-racist organization. Our first priority is always to provide a safe space in our classrooms and lodging to students of color. Different countries have different relationships to race and ethnicity based on their own history, and while we can’t control what happens on the street, we do promise to listen, provide active support, and trust the lived experiences of students of color.

How do I apply?

You’re eligible to participate in a HECUA program if:

1) You’ve completed at least one  year of college/university in a degree-seeking program.

2) Your GPA is at least 2.5, and you meet GPA requirements for off-campus study at your home college/university (HECUA follows home institutions’ policies).

3) You’re enrolled at and meet the requirements for off-campus study set by your home college/university.

HECUA’s deadlines are listed below. You can fill out the application on our website at any time. Begin today!

Study Abroad Deadlines:

  • March 15th (Fall Programs)
  • November 1st (Spring and January Programs).

HECUA’s deadlines are listed below. You can fill out the application on our website at any time. Click here to begin today!

Study USA:

  • April 15th (Fall and Summer Programs)
  • December 1st (Spring Programs)

Study Abroad:

  • March 15th (Fall Programs)
  • November  1st (Spring and January Programs)

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