Internship FAQs

All full-time HECUA programs, both here and abroad, offer an in-depth, project centered internship. Here you’ll find frequently asked questions regarding HECUA’s internships.

What can I expect from the internship placement process?

All students participating in HECUA programs in the Twin Cities are supported through the internship selection and placement process. All full-time programs will have an internship orientation and placement meeting a month before the beginning of the program. At this meeting, students will be introduced to HECUA internship site partners. Each student will leave the meeting prepared to contact two internship sites directly for an interview. HECUA faculty support each student as they create or refine their resume, and prepare for a professional interview. The internship site supervisor and the student together make the final decision about the placement after both interviews have been conducted.
The placement process for international internships begins before the student leaves the United States. Each student shares general areas of interest and their resume with their Program Director via email. The Program Director works with community organizations before students arrive to find suitable placement sites.

How many hours a week will I work at my internship?

Internships range from 160-200 hours, averaging 12-18 hours a week at the internship site. Students can expect to spend at least two full days a week at their internship sites during the program. International internships might vary slightly in structure. Refer to individual program pages for more information!

How will I be supported at my internship?

HECUA works closely with internship site partners to design orientations, support systems, relevant projects, and regular opportunities for feedback. In programs in the United States, HECUA’s Director of US Programs and Community Engagement monitors the internship experience to include space for reflection, growth, learning, and connection to class themes and discussions, just as our International Program Directors monitor these relationships abroad.

Are HECUA internships paid?

For-credit internships are generally unpaid, as the primary emphasis is on the student’s learning and growth, and students never directly replace the work of paid employees. Some schools, such as the University of Minnesota, offer stipends to encourage student participation in internships. Check with your Career Services office on campus to see if this is a possibility for you.

More questions?

You can find more information about internships on each individual program page. For programs in the United States, you can contact HECUA’s Program Manager, Rachel Svanoe Moynihan.

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