Parent or Guardian FAQs

Navigating the questions that arise when your student decides to study off-campus can be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions from parents and guardians to help the process flow more smoothly.

What is HECUA, exactly?

HECUA is a consortium of 26 colleges and universities. We offer short-term and semester-long programs in the US and abroad for U.S. undergraduates. Our mission is to build academic-community partnerships for social change, which means that we want to build bridges between what you learn in the classroom and what you do in the world.

Who are HECUA faculty and staff?

HECUA faculty members are conscientious people who don’t just teach social responsibility; they live it through their own scholarship and community involvement. They are known and respected by their peers in their respective fields of expertise, and are also well received in the local/urban communities with which we work.

Visit HECUA’s Staff and Faculty pages for bios and CV’s.

What's included in the comprehensive program fee?

The program fee includes tuition, lodging, meals or a food stipend, ground transportation, reading materials, and emergency medical insurance. It does not include airfare (with the exception of HECUA’s J-term and summer programs), visa costs, or additional travel outside of the program.

For more detailed information on program costs, please refer to HECUA’s Program Cost page.

Does HECUA offer scholarships?

Yes! HECUA distributes three scholarships to students applying for or enrolled in HECUA programs. They are the Scholarship for Racial Justice, the Scholarship for Social Justice, and the Scholarship for Community Engagement.

For more information about these scholarships, including how to apply, see the Scholarships page.

Who can my student and I contact with questions related to their pre-program preparations?

HECUA’s Student Services Manager Julie Rossate is your contact for all pre-program matters. She can be reached at and 651-287-3312.

Who do I contact with questions related to program costs?

If your student is billed for their program through their home institution, you should contact the study abroad, off-campus studies, or financial aid office at their school. They are best positioned to accurately answer questions pertaining to your students’ financial aid and the transferability of any scholarships they receive from their home institution.

If you have an inquiry related to HECUA’s comprehensive fee or questions related to a tuition bill that you’ve received directly from HECUA, our Director of Finance and Operations Andi Cheney can assist you. Andi’s email is

What resources will my student receive prior to their program?

Once students are fully enrolled in their program, they receive materials from HECUA Student Services via mail and e-mail. These materials contain important information related to their program and internships, including a letter outlining students’ pre-program obligations, a checklist of required forms (which provides due dates for the various pieces of paperwork they’ll need complete), and a packet of mandatory medical forms.

Students enrolled in our international programs also receive information regarding visas, flights, and other logistical matters. In addition, HECUA Student Services provides study abroad students with a detailed program handbook and holds an online orientation for students prior to their departure.

Will my student have access to insurance during their international program?

Student health care is provided through the medical insurance included in the cost of every HECUA program. Our plan through Seven Corners provides up to $250,000 worth of coverage for each student, and 24-hour support services in all the countries where we operate programs. To learn about details of the Seven Corners coverage plan, or to learn more about the plan in general, please contact HECUA Student Services Manager Julie via email:, or by phone: (651) 287-3312.

Can I visit my student during their international program?

It’s wonderful if you are able to visit your student while they are abroad. However, please keep in mind that your student is not permitted to miss class or their internship to spend time with friends or family. HECUA recommends that visitors arrange to visit their students during their midterm break or at the end of their program. This will allow your student to devote their time fully to your visit and will not detract from their coursework.

Does my student need a visa to participate in their international HECUA program?

Visas are required for all semester-long international HECUA programs. HECUA Student Services provides students with detailed guides, instructions, and necessary documentation prior to the start of the visa process. HECUA does their best to provide students with accurate and up-to-date instructions and guidance during their visa process. However, it is ultimately and solely the student’s responsibility to obtain their visa prior to their departure.


Still have questions? Please refer to our Logistics section for detailed explanations of programs costs, insurance, health and safety and more. You may also email Student Services Manager at with specific concerns.

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