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From an alum: support HECUA student scholarships!

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Each November we take some time out of our busy schedule of alumni profiles and student stories to ask for your support. If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know that our programs make a significant difference in the lives of our students and the health of our communities here and abroad. We want to expand access to HECUA programs to even more students, and to do that we need your help. Recent alumna Freddie Simmons breaks it down, below:

Dear friends,

This time last year I was a sophomore at a large state university. Although I once was passionate about my education, the weight of the textbooks on my back and endless hours wasted yawning in enormous lecture halls had begun to dull my interest in academics. A change of pace was well overdue, but felt impossible to achieve.

I enrolled in HECUA’s Art for Social Change off-campus study program in the spring of that year, and it completely changed my impression of what an undergraduate education looks like.

From advocating for arts funding at the Minnesota State Capitol to creating installations reflective of the content we were discussing, there was never a dull moment. Engaged with brilliant mentors in the arts field, we were able to discover our own radical vulnerability, balancing creativity and academia.

Freddie with copies of the zine she created as part of ASC’s time with artist Wing Young Huie. 

HECUA opened doors for me that I never dreamed of achieving on my own, both through our work as a class and in the professional work I completed at my internship site, Mia, where I was later hired as an employee.

HECUA is building the next generation of visionary changemakers through its immersive experiential strategies, expanding networks while cementing knowledge. I believe in the work that HECUA is doing for both students and the community alike, which is why I continue to support HECUA in every way I can.

I would not have been able to participate in the Art for Social Change program if not for the Scholarship for Racial Justice that I received.

This Give to the Max Day, we’re raising money to fully fund TWO Scholarships for Racial Justice. Each scholarship covers $4,000 of the cost of a HECUA program, either here or abroad. Your contributions will go directly to offsetting costs for future HECUA students, making such programs more accessible for the changemakers of tomorrow.

Please contribute to the Scholarship Fund today, and support the work of future HECUA students! We’re counting on your support.

Frederica “Freddie” Simmons
Art for Social Change, 2017

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