“I was in class when the market collapsed.” – Kenza’s story

“Relationship building, knowing different organizations–these are things we developed in the Inequality in America classroom. It gave me context for the ecosystem of nonprofits here, a map of organizations with similar values.” Read More »

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Building connections and confidence – Darius’ story

“HECUA provided me with access to wise people in the world and in the community. That was the thing I appreciated most: the ability to connect with people.” Read More »

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Climate Justice and Community Organizing – Patty’s Story

"Enrolling in HECUA was the best decision I have ever made. It made me understand I could help strengthen social movements by working with youth.” Read More »

Featured Study Abroad

Connections Across Continents – Jonah’s Story

"In brief, my ISP turned into a paper for a class, which led me to a research fellowship that enabled me to write my undergrad thesis. My time spent as a student research fellow eventually resulted in a full time position there." Read More »

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