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Community Partner Feature: Michael Dahl

Collaboration with community partners brings HECUA’s model of transformational learning to life. We know that the 15-20 hours a week students spend interning with a local organization is just as valuable as the time they spend inside the classroom. Periodically, we feature the community partners who make experiential learning possible. Meet HECUA internship site supervisor, […] Read More »

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Featured HECUA faculty

Meet new program director Raechel Anne Jolie

In this article, HECUA’s new Making Media, Making Change program director, Raechel Anne Jolie, speaks about what drew her into her work as a writer, educator, and media maker committed to using her skills in the service of social justice and liberation. Raechel began her time with HECUA this fall semester of 2019.   “There’s […] Read More »

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“I was in class when the market collapsed.” – Kenza’s story

“Relationship building, knowing different organizations–these are things we developed in the Inequality in America classroom. It gave me context for the ecosystem of nonprofits here, a map of organizations with similar values.” Read More »

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Building connections and confidence – Darius’ story

“HECUA provided me with access to wise people in the world and in the community. That was the thing I appreciated most: the ability to connect with people.” Read More »

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Climate Justice and Community Organizing – Patty’s Story

"Enrolling in HECUA was the best decision I have ever made. It made me understand I could help strengthen social movements by working with youth.” Read More »

Featured Study Abroad

Connections Across Continents – Jonah’s Story

"In brief, my ISP turned into a paper for a class, which led me to a research fellowship that enabled me to write my undergrad thesis. My time spent as a student research fellow eventually resulted in a full time position there." Read More »

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