HECUA classrooms

HECUA Classrooms series: These Shoes Project

Kaitlyn Gayle Howell is an intern at Avalon School. She asks various students if it would be ok to take a photo of their shoes, and to ask a few questions about them. For the next five to twenty minutes, students talk not only about their shoes but also their life story. Read More »

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HECUA classrooms

HECUA classroom series: This is Someone’s Life.

This is not an immigration crisis, it is a humanitarian crisis. The presence of immigrants in this country has nothing to do with problems on the US-Mexico border, and everything to do with the borders within our hearts. Read More »

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HECUA classrooms Study USA

HECUA classrooms – Making Media, Making Change

HECUA’s Making Media, Making Change (MMMC) class is a semester-long part time program of two linked semester courses (8 credits total) offered each fall and spring. MMMC combines psychology, art, and […] Read More »


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