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Feeling Good Where I’m At

Each term, one participant from each HECUA program takes on the role of student blogger, sending regular dispatches from the field. Eleanor Giese is HECUA’s student blogger for Art for Social Change this spring. They are a student at University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, majoring in art, minoring in social justice. Read on for their […] Read More »

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Student Blogger Study USA

That’s a Wrap! Final Reflections from Savannah

I think I can speak on behalf of most students when I say that this was one of the most challenging, inspiring, growing, and transformational semesters we will experience in our college career. I want to take this moment and give sincere and deep gratitude to Marcus Young, our amazing Art for Social Change teacher, mentor, and friend. I also want to thank all of the behind the scenes HECUA staff who put in so much work to make these programs happen for students. I also want to thank all of the community artists and guests that came into our space to teach us something we normally would not have learned if we did not share space and build community throughout this program. Finally, I want to thank all of my fellow students in the program who helped shape me as a person and an artist. Read More »

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Student Blogger Study USA

Words Engage the Body – Somatic Therapy with Thea Lee

Most Tuesdays, our classes meet at Clouds in the Water Zen Meditation Center in St Paul. We gather in their meditation space and use cushions in replacement as chairs. We sit in a circle so we all feel like we have equal opportunity to learn and participate. We also start off every single class with a mindfulness meditation. Sometimes they are just about a minute or two of silence, or sometimes they are about a ten-minute meditation that Marcus leads us through with his words and his calm soothing-sounding bell. This is a good practice to productively do nothing and be centered versus unproductively doing nothing and just sitting on your phone. While this tool does not always work for everyone, I appreciate that we are given an opportunity to be gentle with our minds and our bodies in an educational setting. This was a perfect transition into meeting our guest visitor for the day, Thea Lee. Read More »

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Student Blogger Study USA

HECUA Classrooms and the Art of Hosting

“Teach because that is going to make you a better learner. Learn because that is going to make you a better teacher,” Eric said. It takes creative practice to work in any field just as much as it does to simply live your everyday life. “Always have a creative practice no matter what you do,” were Marcus’s final words. Read More »

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Student Blogger Study USA

Re-Performing Famous Works: Art for Social Change

The best way to learn about famous art is by recreating it yourself. That is exactly what my HECUA Art for Social Change classmates and I did on two recent Thursdays. Our class visited the Weisman Art Museum to workshop and perform different art performances created by incredibly well-known artists around the world. Read More »

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HECUA faculty news release

Introducing Art for Social Change Program Director Marcus Young!

The Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA), a Minnesota-based consortium of 25 colleges and universities, is thrilled to announce that behavioral and social practice artist Marcus Young will join the HECUA USA teaching team as director of the Art for Social Change program. Read More »


Alumni Profile

Krista Pearson, Art for Social Change

When she found HECUA’s programs listed in her course catalog, something clicked. “I thought – this is it! The City Arts experience was the intersection of the hopeful artist and the administrator. It really fit.” HECUA’s emphasis on experiential, hands-on education made intuitive sense to Krista, and the program’s interdisciplinary focus encouraged her to draw connections between her wide-ranging interests. Read More »

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HECUA classrooms

Ask me about my genitals: an experiment in vulnerability, openness, and discomfort

I created a public space to speak about my experience as a trans person in society. I was interested in finding out what assumptions people make about my gender, so I asked people to draw what they think is between my legs. In return, I answered any questions that they had about my identity or experience with gender. Read More »


Study USA

Art for Social Change: Radical Vulnerability

Four weeks of planning, work, and final tweaks later, and twelve installation pieces created by students were installed on every floor of Pillsbury House + Theatre’s four story building. Community members, families, friends, and professors walked slowly through the space, soaking in the exhibits. Read More »


Art for Social Change and Inequality in America programs begin

Twin Cities programs Art for Social Change and Inequality in America begin Read More »

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