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Dancing past the fear of failure – Art for Social Change

When I started dancing I had no confidence in my dancing ability. I almost didn’t sign up because I figured that I was a lost cause. Today, it is one of my favorite creative outlets and sources of confidence. Read More »

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The effort behind the art – Ashley’s story

Not only has it been exciting to watch artists work on these enamel pieces, I’ve learned how to prep plates for them. I grind sheets of metal down and cover them with base layers of enamel to get the plates ready for artists to work on them. This process has given me insight into the amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes into a project of this caliber and scale. Read More »

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A letter to my white friend – Marc’s story

For my Art for Social Change class, we read Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates and we were asked to write a response to it. I wanted to invite my white friends to read the book so they can educate themselves and read about a perspective different than their own. Read More »

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Who cares about art? – Sam’s story

Through a combination of luck and overconfidence, Aardvark Arts ended up with a good-sized grant to run a public event on campus. This event had a mandatory date, time, and location, but three weeks before it was scheduled to happen, we still had no idea what the event would actually be or who would attend. Read More »

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Building connections and confidence – Darius’ story

“HECUA provided me with access to wise people in the world and in the community. That was the thing I appreciated most: the ability to connect with people.” Read More »

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