HECUA at 50

Honoring Augsburg as HECUA’s Inspiration

As we celebrate HECUA’s 50 years as an organization, we are highlighting the institutions who were part of our founding, and who remain integral to our mission to this day. Throughout the next year, we will be featuring these founding institutions that created the Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs (HECUA) and who continue to […] Read More »


Beyond the Classroom: HECUA at 50

Our Beginning: Crisis Colony

As we look to our future, we look back on where we have been. In this series of HECUA at 50, we will be featuring alumni, consortium members and other community members whose stories weave together to tell the story of who we are, where we’ve been, and where we are going. In this post, […] Read More »

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Alumni Profile Featured

HECUA Alumna, Pam Costain, Remembers Paul Wellstone

This October 25th is the 18th anniversary of the late Senator Paul Wellstone’s death. Before he became a US Senator, Paul was a professor of political science at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. While on faculty in 1971, Wellstone became a founding board member of HECUA. To honor Senator Wellstone’s legacy and foundational role with […] Read More »

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