HECUA at 50

Hamline University and HECUA: Decades of Partnership

For artist and author Trung Le Nguyen, participating in City Arts (now Art for Social Change) provided an introduction to thinking about the social spaces art occupies and how art relates to community. As the son of immigrants and a first generation college student, Trung noted that he was “very career-oriented” about his education. He reflected that his HECUA experience helped him to recognize art as existing “within a sphere that is not just professional but also personal.” Read More »


HECUA at 50

Carleton and HECUA: A Shared Commitment to Civic Engagement

As we celebrate HECUA’s 50 years as an organization, we are highlighting the institutions who were part of our founding, and who remain integral to our mission to this day. […] Read More »

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