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My Look Inside the Northern Irish Peace Process Through the Lens of an Internship

"Observing how culture is taught to children in PUL communities is significant to me because of how some adults and scholars have spoken about PUL. I think it’s important for me to formulate my own understanding of the PUL community by debunking the many assumptions I have heard from others in and outside the community." Read More »

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Northern Ireland Student Blogger

2 Weeks In, 12 More to Go: Seeing the Beauty of Northern Ireland Before Learning About the Troubles

"Arriving in Belfast at the BHD airport was something I had been waiting anxiously for all year. I was scared that I was going to receive an email saying that Covid had, once again, disrupted my plans to study abroad." Lawrence University student, Josey McClain, tells us about her first days in Northern Ireland and her commitment to learning all she can from the people of this beautiful and complex land. Read More »

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