Partnerships for Change

An Ethic of Care in the Classroom

Welcome to our Partnerships for Change blog series. Curious about the name? Our inspiration comes directly from HECUA’s mission statement. We are driven to “build academic-community partnerships for social change.” Please check […] Read More »


HECUA classrooms

A New Normal: Megan’s story

HECUA programs offer students a chance to think deeply about the issues that matter most, and we’d like to share a piece of that experience with you. This semester, students in […] Read More »


Alumni Profile

Alumni Profile: Johnnay Leenay

That curated video installation at the Bell Museum foreshadows Johnnay’s professional moves post-graduation. She’s now a Diversity in the Arts Curatorial Fellow at the Minnesota Museum of American Art (the M), in downtown St. Paul. Her grant-funded position is a first for the young museum, and Johnnay is making the most of her time there. She splits her time between educational and public programming, assisting with public program logistics, planning, and artist coordination, as well as facilitation of one of the M’s traveling exhibits. Read More »


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