Media and Movements Student Blogger Study USA

Follow the Money

I am fortunate to have heard from such talented and thoughtful independent filmmakers who are forging new narratives in a world monopolized by mainstream media outlets. Their words and work inspires me to critique the media I consume and always fight to tell the whole story, never simply to follow the money. Read More »

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Media and Movements Student Blogger Study USA

Fun Time

"However, in a more just world, children would be viewed as a demographic of people that have inherent worth, with or without their ability to contribute to the workforce or accrue capital." Read More »

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Media and Movements Student Blogger Study USA

Media, Movements, and Magic Actions

"Media and art can soothe the psyche through representation, validation that systemic problems exist and that they are important issues, and translating feelings that often go unspoken into imagery that is easier to understand and process." Read More »

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news release

Media and Movements

Making Media, Making Change Program Director Raechel Jolie announces the program’s new title. I’m excited to share that HECUA’s  program has been renamed Media and Movements: Storytelling for Justice. The […] Read More »


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