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Meet new program director Raechel Anne Jolie

In this article, HECUA’s new Making Media, Making Change program director, Raechel Anne Jolie, speaks about what drew her into her work as a writer, educator, and media maker committed to using her skills in the service of social justice and liberation. Raechel began her time with HECUA this fall semester of 2019.   “There’s […] Read More »

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Student Blogger Syd Films Your Legislators!

As part of my HECUA internship at the Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) I have the pleasure of working on one show for the duration of the semester. That show is Your Legislators, a weekly live show that airs every Thursday during the state legislative session. The program brings together two representatives from the house and the senate, one from each of the major political parties. Read More »

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HECUA classrooms – Making Media, Making Change

HECUA’s Making Media, Making Change (MMMC) class is a semester-long part time program of two linked semester courses (8 credits total) offered each fall and spring. MMMC combines psychology, art, and media studies to help deepen critical understanding of how mass media and emerging digital technologies both limit and organize struggles for social justice. HECUA’s partnership with […] Read More »


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A broader view of the possible – Jordyn’s story

In addition to our well-known 16 credit semester long programs in the US and abroad, HECUA offers two tightly focused eight credit classes in Minnesota: Agriculture and Justice and Making Media, Making Change (MMMC). This is the second year for MMMC, offered in partnership with neighborhood access network SPNN. Students enrolled in the program explore […] Read More »

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