Environmental Sustainability Student Blogger Study USA

Making New (Socially-Distanced) Connections

Each term, one participant from each HECUA program takes on the role of student blogger, sending regular dispatches from the field. Sara de Sobrino (she/her) is HECUA’s student blogger for […] Read More »

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Student Blogger Study Abroad

Oil extraction in the Amazon – Alex’s story

Using the footage that I recorded in Ecuador during the month of January, and Allison's feedback, I created this mini documentary on the oil extraction that is happening in the Amazon. Read More »

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Student Blogger Study Abroad

Raglan and the Resilience Revolution

There are 479 transitions towns and counting worldwide, seven of which are nationally-recognized in New Zealand (with many more smaller initiatives). The primary purpose of these sustainably-minded communities is to support “community-led responses to peak oil and climate change, building resilience and happiness.” Read More »

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Alumni Profile Study USA

Alumni Profile: Robby Callahan Schreiber

"I was amazed at the wide network of people I was exposed to through the ES program. Through HECUA, I saw that people live their work and that the world is not black and white." Read More »

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