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We say his name, George Floyd

We say his name, George Floyd.

There aren’t words to encompass the grief and outrage we feel after the murder of another black member of our community. For too long, our government has sanctioned the lynching of black lives. Black lives matter.

We recognize our own complicity in a white supremacist system that supports police violence against Black communities, Indigenous communities, and communities of color.

HECUA was formed in response to the uprisings in North Minneapolis in the 1960s. Our first off-campus program “Crisis Colony” was a collaboration between academia and community to teach social justice and create opportunities for young people to become co-creators in support of movements for justice and transformation.

50 years later, we recognize and mourn that the root causes that periled our community in the 1960s persist today. White supremacy has thrived within the systems designed to uphold it. We must work to dismantle systems of oppression.

HECUA strives to be an anti-racist organization, as we have since our beginning. Different iterations of anti-racism efforts have guided our work, most recently in our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan, HECUA developed a commitment to Truth, Reparations, Conciliation and Intersectionality (TRCI). “Our multi-year commitment is grounded in the assumption that we cannot have a healed society, we cannot have conciliation, we cannot have racial justice, if we do not engage in a deep and authentic process of reckoning and repair in relation to our nation’s past as a colonial settler society built on hundreds of years of patriarchal white supremacy, colonization, slavery, genocide, and ecocide.”

Today, we recommit ourselves to this work. We commit to going deeper to dismantle our own internalized white supremacy as an organization situated at the intersection of the non-profit field and higher education. We continue to situate our work in meaningful relationships with community partners.

We ask all members of the HECUA community to call upon elected officials to demand justice for George Floyd and the many Black lives that have been taken by police violence. By calling this number, 612-324-4499, you will be prompted with specific asks and will be patched through to various elected officials.

We also ask the HECUA community to support our partners financially. These organizations are working for justice and need our support. This is not a comprehensive list, but includes some of our partners most currently affected.

The following list includes other organizations that are helping to rebuild or advance the work of dismantling white supremacy. This list is not comprehensive, yet these organizations and efforts also support the work of our community partners and align with HECUA’s mission.

Please consider supporting one or more of the organizations above. If you would like to connect about other ways you can support our community, please be in touch.

We say his name, George Floyd.

In solidarity,


(June 2020)

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