Why choose to study off-campus with HECUA?

HECUA programs sharpen the skills you need for advanced study, employment, and engagement in your community and beyond.

HECUA programs build action and advocacy into the curriculum.

Building connections and confidence – Darius’ story

“HECUA provided me with access to wise people in the world and in the community. That was the thing I appreciated most: the ability to connect with people.”

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Students spend up to 150 hours at an individual internship site, mentored by our community partners.

“I was in class when the market collapsed.” – Kenza’s story

“Relationship building, knowing different organizations–these are things we developed in the Inequality in America classroom. It gave me context for the ecosystem of nonprofits here, a map of organizations with similar values.”

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HECUA programs expand networks: 75% of our alumni say that their HECUA experience helped them find a job post-graduation.

Connections Across Continents – Jonah’s Story

“In brief, my ISP turned into a paper for a class, which led me to a research fellowship that enabled me to write my undergrad thesis. My time spent as a student research fellow eventually resulted in a full time position there.”

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