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A rusty metal swing set stands in a grassy yard. Bright blue buildings stand immediately behind it. The sky is grey and gloomy in the background.

Study Abroad

The Value of Feeling Uncomfortable – Alexa in Ecuador

Photo credit: Alexa Jokinen. Each semester, one student from each HECUA program abroad takes on the role of student blogger, sending regular dispatches from the field. Alexa Jokinen will be... Read More »


HECUA alumna Krista Pearson sits at her desk at Mia, holding a book called the Colored Pencil

Alumni Profile

Krista Pearson, Art for Social Change

When she found HECUA’s programs listed in her course catalog, something clicked. “I thought – this is it! The City Arts experience was the intersection of the hopeful artist and... Read More »

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