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A woman in a black turtleneck stands in front of a mirror holding a camera on a tripod. The mirror is lined with bright lightbulbs - it looks like she is in a dressing room.

Alumni Profile

Erica Beebe – Making Media, Making Change

Meet Erica Beebe. Erica was a student in HECUA’s Spring 2016 class of Making Media, Making Change. An English major minoring in Creative Writing and Studies in Cinema and Media... Read More »

A small grey kitten with blue irises stands in front of a brown wall. The kitten's eyes are crossed and it looks pretty goofy.

Behind the Scenes

HECUA career board – March 22nd, 2017

Each Wednesday we compile a list of jobs that we think might interest our alumni. In the past, this list has existed informally on our twitter account (@hecua_offcampus – follow... Read More »

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