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HECUA is hiring a Program Director for our Art for Social Change program!

Program Director: Art for Social Change

The Art for Social Change Program Director’s responsibilities combine community-based and experiential teaching, program management, and recruiting. The areas of responsibility are interrelated, but in general, those related to teaching include designing the academic program within the HECUA model and teaching framework, providing and coordinating appropriate lectures, arranging field experiences to address and apply program themes, communicating with internship sites and community partners, serving as key facilitator of the learning process to achieve integration of the whole of the program, monitoring, grading, and giving feedback on all assignments, and monitoring and ensuring general student welfare. Those related to management include planning and carrying out program activities and logistics within a pre-approved budget, attending regular staff and program meetings, writing mid semester and final program reports, and communicating about the program with other staff at HECUA. The primary responsibilities related to recruitment are activities to increase student interest in the program taught by the Program Director and in all other HECUA off-campus programs. These activities include a set number of hours dedicated before and during the contract period to classroom visits, lectures, and meetings with prospective students, on-campus faculty, and staff.

Deadline for applications is Friday, July 13, 2018 at 12am. Please send CV, cover letter, and a statement of your vision for teaching in the Art for Social Change program as PDFs to search@hecua.org.

Full position description here: ASC Program Director Position Description 2018.

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