Health and Safety

COVID-19 Update

Last updated 10/18/2021

Click here to view HECUA’s COVID-19 Response and Program Updates.

HECUA has been vigilantly and constantly monitoring the very fluid conditions of COVID-19, including tracking updates from the Minnesota Department of Health, Center for Disease Control, World Health Organization, the US Department  of State and other credible sources.

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Emergency Contact

Student well-being is our top priority.

Please note that effective April 16, 2019, HECUA has a new 24/7 Emergency Line: 651-287-3317.

Every call will be returned promptly by an on-call HECUA staff member. This line replaces the previous 24/7 emergency number.

Anonymous Report Hotline 

Please use this hotline to anonymously report any concerns about HECUA staff, faculty, board, programs, or activities.

Phone: 1-877-767-7781

Safety and Security Abroad and Off-Campus

Safety is a primary concern for all who are involved in HECUA programs. As we know firsthand from events in the United States, conditions anywhere can suddenly change. Having policies and procedures in place is critical for addressing and responding to whatever challenges come up. We realize that student participants, family members, academic advisors, faculty members, the academic institutions that send and receive students, and the homestay families who host them depend on HECUA to monitor the programs and to ensure their safety. That’s why safety and security are at the center of our daily work. Staff in St. Paul and faculty and staff abroad constantly track the political and physical circumstances at all HECUA sites of activity. Staff and faculty monitor information provided by the U.S. Department of State about all sites outside the U.S., and our local partners at those sites provide us with updates about any situation with the potential to affect program participants. State Department Advisories and Announcements refer to areas within a country and do affect decisions about if, where, and how to run a HECUA program within a country. We subscribe to updates from the Department of State and to daily reports from media outlets that are based in and cover sites outside the U.S. We also rely on the contacts and judgments of our resident program directors, who are themselves deeply anchored within local communities and closely connected to local institutions. Home-stay families, some of whom have hosted HECUA students for years, also provide students, program directors, and HECUA administrators with another set of perspectives on both ordinary life and unfamiliar events and can offer strategies and support as students encounter the previously unknown, whether big or small. If information from the above sources indicates unreasonable risk for HECUA students, faculty, or staff, then a team made up of member institutions’ study abroad professionals, faculty, and legal counsel will consider alternatives that may include restricting movement of those in the program, changing the program site, or even canceling the program. Changes will be made with as much advance planning and communication as possible, but if necessary, HECUA will always take immediate and unequivocal action to ensure safety. Following the guidelines of the Association of International Educators and The Forum on Education Abroad, HECUA has in place, as do our member institutions, a written Emergency Action Plan for managing events and ensuring safety should any event occur that affects or threatens the safety or health of any individual or group involved in a HECUA program.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance – International Programs (Study Abroad)
Student health insurance for our international programs is provided through the medical insurance included in the cost of every international HECUA program. Our plan through WorldTrips provides up to $250,000 worth of coverage for each student. To learn about details of the WorldTrips coverage plan, or to learn more about the plan in general, please contact the HECUA Student Services office at or (651) 287-3311. 

Health Insurance – Domestic Programs (Study USA)
Student health insurance is not provided for students in HECUA’s domestic programs. Students must carry their own insurance and show proof of health insurance in order to participate in a domestic program. 

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