Community Internships in Latin America

Explore competing and collaborating visions for social change. Experience the rich political, cultural, and geographic diversity of Ecuador.

Fall, Spring

Areas of Study

  • Politics of international development
  • Globalization
  • Social movement theory
  • Environmental justice
  • Human rights discourse


The New Norway: Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging

( Program on hiatus Fall 2020.) See Scandinavia in a new way by studying culture, society, and politics in Norway's capital, Oslo. Examine how globalization and immigration have shaped the politics of identity in Norway.


Areas of Study

  • National identity formation
  • Citizenship
  • Mass migration
  • Politics of the welfare state
  • Scandinavian film and literature

Northern Ireland

Conflict, Peace, and Transition in Northern Ireland

Study the legacy of violent conflict and engage with efforts to build sustainable peace. Examine the role of citizens as agents of social transformation in this International Conflict Research Institute-affiliated program.

Fall, Spring

Areas of Study

  • Conflict transformation
  • Peace and justice
  • Social movements
  • Human rights
  • National identity


Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Justice

Unpack the Slow Food movement’s motto of “good, clean, and fair” in its Italian birthplace. Explore how the business of food affects the health and wealth of farmers, workers, families, and communities.


Areas of Study

  • Sustainability
  • Environmental justice
  • Agriculture
  • Food systems


Panyard Politics: Music, Culture, and Community in Trinidad

How did the African diaspora transform slavery, colonization, steel, and oil into one of the Caribbean’s most vibrant and recognizable musical traditions? Explore the history and culture of Steelpan music by learning from local experts in Trinidad.


Areas of Study

  • Music Performance
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Anthropology
  • Latin America & Caribbean Studies, African & African American Studies
  • History of Colonization in the Caribbean
  • Transmigration and Diaspora Studies

J-Term Ecuador

Social and Political Transformation

Travel from the Amazon to the Andean highlands and back again. Study the power (and limitations) of political participation and voice in an evolving cultural landscape.


Areas of Study

  • Gender equality
  • Indigenous rights
  • Natural resource management
  • Social movements
  • International development

New Zealand

Culture and the Environment: A Shared Future

Trace the traditions, innovations, and issues behind the beautiful landscapes. Hear from those at the forefront of solutions to the environmental and cultural challenges of today.

Fall, Spring

Areas of Study

  • Environmental policy
  • Māori treaty rights, organizing, and history
  • Truth and reconciliation processes
  • Sustainability and development

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