HECUA works with a number of different organizations to provide high-quality study abroad and off-campus study programs. Our partners support internships, host our programs, and are members of our consortium. All organizations we work with share our commitment to academic-community partnerships for social change.

Institutional partnership with HECUA can take one of three forms.

Consortium Members

Colleges, universities, and associations comprise HECUA’s consortium membership. Consortium members play active roles in governance, assessing and maintaining the quality of HECUA programs, ensuring that programs are integrated with and complement campus curricular goals.

International Partners

International partners are universities or local NGOs chartered in the HECUA program site country that provide an academic home for our work. International partner organizations provide academic resources and teaching staff, in addition to coordinating on-the-ground logistics for the program such as food and housing.

All international partners are accredited academic institutions or NGOs incorporated in the program’s country of operation.

Community Partners

Community partners in the United States and abroad are HECUA’s link to leaders and practitioners in the field. Partner organizations serve as placement sites for HECUA interns. These relationships develop in tandem with student interest and community needs, and allow projects to develop annually through multiple placements.

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