Credit Transfer

Receive Credits That Count

HECUA’s programs provide upper-level credits (junior- and senior-level credits). All students from HECUA member institutions receive at the very least “blanket credit,” credits toward graduation, for their participation in programs approved by their home institution. Most students report to HECUA that they obtain significant major and minor credits for participating in HECUA programs. As is true for most off-campus study programs, students should work directly with their home institution to receive credit toward a major, or toward a specific graduation requirement. HECUA programs often fulfill general education requirements, liberal education requirements, or distribution requirements. Students and advisors can refer to the “topics and themes” section of each program page for a quick overview of what topics the program will¬†explore.

Experienced HECUA staff are available to assist students in negotiating meaningful credit transfer.

Here To Help

To help students negotiate credits with advisers and registrars on campus, HECUA has compiled information on how recent participants in each program have received major credit from their home institutions. Contact program representative Audra Weigand for more information.

HECUA’s Director of Enrollment, Aga Michalak, is also available for more detailed information on credit transfer and for personalized assistance with students’ individual situations.

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