HECUA’s Scholarship Program

At HECUA, we are committed to making our programs affordable for all students. Over the last twenty years, we’ve distributed hundreds of scholarships. We offer three types of awards to students in HECUA programs, listed below. Applicants to the Scholarships for Racial and Social Justice must be a member of a HECUA consortium school. All students must have an application on file for a HECUA program to apply, and you may only apply to one type of scholarship. All HECUA scholarships are supported with donations from our community. Click here to donate to the scholarship fund!

The Gerardo Marín Scholarship for Community Internships in Latin America ($500)

The Gerardo Marín Scholarship for the Community Internships in Latin America (CILA) program honors the memory of Gerardo Marín, a leader in the field of international education at the University of San Francisco. Dr. Marín was dedicated to diversity and inclusion, and stewarded the expansion of international education programs in Central and South America, Eastern Europe, and Asia at the University of San Francisco. This $500 scholarship is intended to help defray the out-of-pocket expenses of students enrolled in HECUA’s Community Internships in Latin America program. This scholarship is open to consortium member and affiliate school students, and can be applied for in conjunction with any of HECUA’s other scholarships. You can apply for the scholarship by clicking the link below: APPLY NOW!

Scholarship for Racial Justice (up to $4,000)

A central component of HECUA’s mission is to equip students with skills and knowledge for building just communities and democratic societies. In U.S. society, racial discrimination and white supremacy shape power and privilege, including within institutions of higher education. The Scholarship for Racial Justice is one of HECUA’s concrete commitments toward undoing institutionalized racism in higher education.


  • Applicants must be students of color.
  • Applicant must show a demonstrated understanding of and commitment to racial justice.
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in one of HECUA’s member colleges/universities.
  • Applicants must have a program application on file for a semester-long domestic or international HECUA program (HECUA’s short-term programs are not eligible).

Note: Students who apply for but do not receive the Scholarship for Racial Justice may withdraw from the HECUA program without financial penalty before the program begins. APPLY NOW!

Scholarship for Social Justice (up to $1,500)

HECUA supporters—alumni, founders, current and former board and staff members–established this scholarship fund for first generation college students, students from families with low-incomes, and students of color.


  • Applicant must be a first-generation college student, a student from a low-income family (family’s taxable income for the preceding year did not exceed 150 percent of the poverty level amount), or a student of color.
  • Applicant must be currently enrolled in one of HECUA’s member colleges/universities.
  • Applicant must have a program application on file for a semester-long domestic or international HECUA program (HECUA’s short-term programs are not eligible).


Scholarship for Community Engagement (up to $750 for semester-long programs, and $500 for short-term programs)

HECUA provides a number of these $750 scholarships each semester to students who have worked for social change and whose future goals will be strengthened by a HECUA semester program. A few smaller awards in the amount of up to $500 are also made to students participating in January-term or summer programs.


  • Applicants must be enrolled in a HECUA program (semester-long or short-term programs abroad or in the U.S. are all eligible).
  • Applicants must have a demonstrated commitment to working for social change.


How to Apply

Complete the application online using one of the links above. You may apply for only one scholarship per HECUA program. If you are participating in a second HECUA program and have already received a HECUA scholarship, you may apply for an additional scholarship for that second program.

Scholarship Application deadlines

Fall and summer programs: April 15th.
*New* Early-Bird deadline of March 2nd (students will be notified in March), regular deadline April 15th. Applications that are not selected at the the March 2nd Early-Bird deadline will automatically be rolled over to the applicant pool for the regular April 15th deadline.

Other Off-Campus/Study Abroad Scholarships


Frequently Asked Questions

What if my school’s program application deadline is before the HECUA scholarship deadline?

Students always have until HECUA’s scholarship application deadline to submit scholarship materials. This is true even if a school’s application deadline comes earlier.

How do you evaluate applications?

The scholarship review committee looks primarily at essays to assess candidates for these competitive scholarships. HECUA encourages you to have your essay reviewed by a mentor, a campus writing center, or an academic advisor.

What if I don’t get a scholarship? Are there other ways to finance my HECUA experience?

Yes! Federal aid always follows the student, and financial aid from home institutions often applies to HECUA programs. Students should consult with their home campus financial aid and study abroad offices. Be sure to also ask about additional scholarship possibilities available through your home campus. You can also refer to the list of scholarships and scholarship search sites below. *Note: Only students who apply for the Scholarship for Racial Justice are allowed to withdraw their HECUA program application without financial penalty if they don’t receive a scholarship.

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