Here you will find detailed information about HECUA’s programs. You can also find this information in the 2020 HECUA program guide, here.

How to Apply 

Students can find all of the application instructions and information about deadlines here.

Health and Safety Information

Students and their families can find information about health insurance, HECUA’s policy for assessing safety and security, and emergency contact information. Click here for more information.


Click here for information on HECUA’s scholarships and other external scholarships.

Program Costs

Click here to view a detailed cost breakdown.

Why Study Away in the Twin Cities?

Are you looking for all the elements of a study abroad experience closer to home? Check out these top reason that you should consider a semester off-campus in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.


Click here for more information about how students can apply HECUA credits toward their degree.


Click here for more information about housing in the Twin Cities.

Event Calendar

Click here to see a full listing of HECUA events and other important dates.

Custom Programs

On a contract basis, HECUA provides custom programming at domestic and international sites to individual institutions. Look here for example of past custom programs and HECUA staff contact information.

Professional Development

On a contract basis, HECUA provides faculty and staff development to institutions seeking to expand their visions of higher education and experiential learning. Click here to see past examples.

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